The mission of the Newfoundland Club of Northern California is to encourage and promote the breeding, understanding, and appreciation of the Newfoundland dog, and to perform and to encourage such activities as will bring its natural qualities to perfection, including draft work and water rescue.


President’s Message

The water training workshop at Lake Berryessa was a big success. Twelve dog/handler teams participated, four in junior level and eight in senior level. Two beaches were used. At one, handlers and dogs were run through their exercises by a stand-in judge and stewards, with opportunity to train through problems. At the other beach, participants were free to practice specific exercises. Thanks go to Lori Littleford for chairing the event, and to all the participants who worked their own dogs and stewarded for others.

As I send this column to the editor, several NCNC members and their dogs, including yours truly, plan to caravan to Colorado for three back-to-back HCNC water tests scheduled for July 25-27 at Chatfield State Park near Denver. Good luck to all!

NCNC members and their dogs were active in the conformation and obedience rings this past month. Show/Trial results are listed elsewhere in the Newfspaper. Here are a few highlights: Bordeaux (Ann Cramer) and Dexter (Joyce Taylor & Debra & Danielle Nelson) had Best of Breed wins. Ready (Pearson & Littleford) earned his Rally Advanced (RA) title. Congratulations to all!

We still plan to hold our water tests at Lake Del Valle on September 6-7, 2014. The premium list is now available on the NCNC website. Also, if you are interested in stewarding at the test, please contact me. Due to the drought conditions, plans may change, so be flexible and check the NCNC website and Newfspaper for updates. Our water test Chair, Lori Littleford, is diligently working with the East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD) concerning training and testing at Lake Del Valle. (Arrangements have also been made to use Shadow Cliffs in Pleasanton as a potential back-up test site, if needed.) There is still a question when and how quickly EBRPD will drain Lake Del Valle. Currently it is nearly “full to the brim.” We have park approval to train on Thursday evenings at Lake Del Valle at the normal location (Hobie Point) just to the left of the boat launch and parking lot. Some of us also train near the Hetch Hetchy group campsite on some Sunday mornings leaving the dock area about 9 am. To get to the Hetch Hetchy training location, go through the gate just to the right of the boat launch area and follow the trail about three quarters of a mile. Please be considerate to the fishermen, campers and others. Contact Lori or me if you want to train at Del Valle so we can coordinate who is going and whether the boat will be there. Also, some folks are practicing at Folsom Lake (contact Cathy and Jerry Sayre for information) and at Lake Berryessa (contact Laura Gallagher).

If you don’t want to just count on the NCNC tests for your title(s), other water tests currently listed on the NCA website events calendar include: NC of Seattle at Deep Lake, Nolte SP, WA, on August 24; High Country NC, again, on September 12-14; PNNC at Horseshoe Lake, WA, on September 20-21; and NC of San Diego at Glorietta Bay on September 27. If you really want to travel, the NC of New England has a water test scheduled for August 23-24 in Connecticut, but the judges are tough (Lori and me).

The next NCNC club meeting is scheduled for Saturday, August 9, at the home of Hazel Jacoby in Castro Valley. There will be plenty on the agenda. A grooming seminar will be included and we will also discuss judges for the 2015 Regional Specialty. At the annual picnic, we asked members for suggestions on what to do with Ways and Means, and also what the club could do to foster member participation. Please bring your ideas to discuss. See you there!

Have fun with your Newfs!

~ John Pearson, NCNC President