John Pearson, NCNC President

President's Message | February, 2016

If you have not yet returned your NCNC Membership renewal, please do so promptly! They become delinquent February 15. If you can’t lay your hands on the renewal form that was mailed out, please contact Membership Chair Dick Heym for a replacement.
Congratulations to Dexter and Joyce Taylor. I have been told that Dexter was the top conformation Newf in 2015!
NCNC traditionally provides draft seminars during the months of January, February and March. As I write this, the first seminar is scheduled for January 23, 2016, at Larkey Park in Walnut Creek. The second seminar is scheduled for February 13, 2016, in Antioch. The third seminar is scheduled for March 19, 2016, in Lagoon Valley, site of the Spring draft test. A form for the next seminar is included in this newsletter. Check upcoming Newfs Papers or the website for more information on each seminar.
NCNC will host two Draft Tests (one DD/TDD and one DDX/TDDX) on April 2-3, 2016. Other tests are coming up, as well, such as a set of NCSC draft tests in Southern California on April 16-17, 2016.  So, it’s time to pull out the carts and harnesses and do some draft training!

The NCNC Working Dog Committee held the annual planning meeting on Saturday, January 2, 2016, at the home of Cherrie Brown near Vacaville. The morning started with a delicious pot-luck breakfast, followed by the meeting, which concluded about noon. All of the working dog events for the next year (water & draft tests, seminars, etc.) were planned at this meeting. We now have lots of working dog activities planned for the coming year. Check for more information in the Newfs Papers and website. Thank you Cherrie Brown and everyone else who participated in this meeting!

We just concluded our first club meeting of 2016 in Castro Valley. Thank you Hazel Jacoby for providing your home. We had an excellent turnout. The minutes from the meeting are printed elsewhere in the Newfs Paper. We had no nominations from the floor for the new NCNC Board and Officers. Therefore, the slate proposed by the Nominating Committee, published in the January Newfs Paper, will take office at the end of the Annual Meeting/Awards Banquet in February. There is only one change to the current Board. Kathy Bracisco replaces Gina Bonnell, who is stepping down. Thank you Gina for all your valuable input on the Board, and welcome Kathy. I look forward to working with the new Board this next year.

On February 20, 2016, we will hold our Annual Meeting as well as our Awards Banquet at the Fuddruckers in Fairfield. Be sure to RSVP for the awards banquet to Dawn Druge. If any of your dogs earned new titles in 2015 or reached the Living Legend age of ten years, please fill out the appropriate forms and send it in to either Debbie Bridge (new titles) or Pam Rubio (Living Legend awards). See the Newfs Paper or the website for the forms and additional information. I am assured by the Awards Banquet chairs that a wonderful time is in store for all of us.

Recall that NCNC and the Newfoundland Club of Seattle are jointly hosting the 2017 NCA National Specialty at the Salishan Spa and Golf Resort in Gleneden Beach on the Oregon coast. It is a very attractive venue in a beautiful location. Kevin Gallagher (NCNC) and Chris Lyden (Seattle) are the co-Chairs for the show. Kevin updated us on the status of the show at the January club meeting. (See the meeting minutes in the Newfs Paper.) If you are interested in helping with the show, please contact Kevin.
We have lots of activities planned for you and your dogs. As always, check the calendar section of the Newfs Paper or the NCNC website for more details. I hope to see you there!

Have fun with your Newfs!

~ John Pearson, NCNC President

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