The mission of the Newfoundland Club of Northern California is to encourage and promote the breeding, understanding, and appreciation of the Newfoundland dog, and to perform and to encourage such activities as will bring its natural qualities to perfection, including draft work and water rescue.



President’s Message

The recent holiday party was a lot of fun. We had lots of great food and drink as well as a chance to socialize with many folks in the club. And, of course, there was the gift exchange (with thievery). Thank you Linda and Merle Maggy for once again opening your home for this event. Also, congratulations to four members who were elected to become general members: Patrick Benshoof & Lisa Lee, and Dick & Janet Heym.

Don’t forget to renew your club membership! Renewal letters were sent out in November. Renewals are due by January 1 and become delinquent after February 15. If you can’t find your renewal letter, contact our Membership Chair, Colleen Cahill. Her contact information can be found elsewhere in the newsletter and, of course, in the membership roster.

NCNC members and their dogs were active this past month, although the show circuit was less busy this time of year. (Show results are listed elsewhere in the Newfs Paper.) Here are a few highlights: George earned two BOB and two Group 3 placements. Congratulations!

We have a busy time coming up. First, if you are interested in working dog events, don’t miss the annual Working Dog Committee meeting on Saturday, January 10, at the Maggy home in Hayward. This is a very important meeting where working dog events will be planned for the next year. So, if you want a say in those events, or if you just want a heads up on what will be coming along, don’t miss this meeting. Besides, it always starts with a wonderful potluck breakfast! If you need information or directions, contact Linda Maggy.

Next, we will have our first club meeting of the new year on Saturday, January 17, at Hazel Jacoby’s home in Castro Valley. This will be an important as well as an interesting meeting. Nominations for the next Board of Directors will be accepted from the floor. (More on this, below.) We are also fortunate to have a talk by our own Jennifer Larsen. Jen is a veterinarian at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. I am told she will be discussing a very interesting topic: dog nutrition, including dog food labeling and marketing. Please plan to stay for Jen’s talk.

Our annual meeting and awards banquet is planned for February 21 at Cattleman’s restaurant in Livermore. We held this event last year at the same venue, and it was a huge success! So, don’t miss it this year. More information can be found elsewhere in this NewfsPaper.

January through April will be a busy time for carting with our Newfs. We plan to have three carting seminars, one per month weather permitting, followed by the Spring Draft Test. The first seminar is scheduled for Sunday, January 18, at Larkey Park in Walnut Creek. We will have training available for beginning dogs through draft test run-throughs. Please contact Walt Parsons to sign up. (Information is available in this NewfsPaper as well as the NCNC website.) Dates for additional seminars will be chosen at the WDC meeting.

In the Spring, we again plan to have a club picnic at the same location that worked so well last year. Once again, Elisa and John Morozumi are in charge. They did a great job last year with lots of good food and fun activities for our dogs. I really look forward to this event! More information will be available as the plans firm up.

Looking further ahead, we are already planning the next Regional Specialty activities. This year we had only two entries in Rally Obedience (I entered Ready, Lori entered Rose). Please let me know if you are interested in having/entering Rally next October. If there is no interest, it probably won’t happen. Please let me know soon.

Let me say a little more about the upcoming NCNC Election. The nominating committee has announced a slate of candidates (listed elsewhere in this NewfsPaper). At the January General meeting, we will accept additional nominations from the floor. If there are contested offices, an election will be held by mail. Ballots will be mailed out to General members and counted at the February meeting, where the new NCNC Board and officers will be announced.

So, we have lots of activities planned. As always, check the calendar section of the Newfs Paper or the NCNC website for more details. I hope to see you there!

Have fun with your Newfs!

~ John Pearson, NCNC President