The mission of the Newfoundland Club of Northern California is to encourage and promote the breeding, understanding, and appreciation of the Newfoundland dog, and to perform and to encourage such activities as will bring its natural qualities to perfection, including draft work and water rescue.


NCNC members and their dogs had another very busy month. After much uncertainty due to the drought, the back-to-back water tests were held at Del Valle Regional Park with great success. (See a separate article in the NewfsPaper). Dogs and handlers who earned titles or re-qualified were: Joey handled by Donna Masters (WD), Ready handled by John Pearson (WD), Brooklyn handled by Lynne Baker (WD), Barney handled by Karrie Cook (WD), Rose handled by Lori Littleford (WD requal), Juneau handled by Marian Howie (WRD), Ramble handled by Cherrie Brown (WRD), Bonnie handled by Carol Chew (WRD), both Captain and Breezy handled by Patti Sondgroth (WRDs), Gabe handled by Dawn Druge (WRD), and Sterling handled by Erin Zimmer (WRD & WRD requal). Both Bonnie and Ramble also completed requirements for their Versatile Newfoundland (VN) titles. Congratulations to all! Thanks, also, to Lori Littleford and her crew who made the test happen like clockwork.

NCNC members and their dogs were also active in the conformation rings. (Show results are listed elsewhere in the Newfspaper.) Here are a few highlights: Falcon (Hill), Margaret (Bridges) and George (Jackson & Latchaw) all earned Best of Breed wins in local shows. Margaret earned a Group 3, and George earned one Group 2, two Group 3 and one Group 4 placements. Congratulations!

In our own neighborhood, Lori and I participated in Bark in the Park, an annual event in San Jose. We took Rose, Earl and Ready. Rose and Ready were part of a Rally demonstration for the Santa Clara DTC. All three Newfs got never-ending petting and the usual questions. Several other Newfs also came by, including club members Tom and Liz Pulchny with Angus.

We are in a very busy time of year. Besides the water test just completed, our Regional Specialty is coming up soon on Friday, October 24 (the premium list is now available); the Fall draft test will be Sunday, November 16 near Dixon; and the NCNC holiday party and club meetings will be Saturday, December 6. Check the Calendar section of the NewfsPaper or the NCNC website for more details. I hope to see you there.

Have fun with your Newfs!

~ John Pearson, NCNC President