John Pearson, NCNC President

President's Message | March, 2018

Hello NCNC! 
I am honored to be elected President of this great Club.  I have big shoes to step into (yes, John, your wear those shoes) and I hope to be up to the task.  Of course, as the saying goes “It takes a village” and that is so true when it comes to a voluntary organization like ours; so my hope is that the membership will continue to provide its full support to our organization. 
I am so pleased that we have the consistency in the Board with the return of Patti Sondgroth, Lynne Baker, Patrick Benshoof, Hazel Jacoby (who we will never allow to resign!), Kathy Bracisco and Cathy Sayre, and I welcome Pam Rubio to the Board.  I also thank John Pearson and Carol Chew for their service to the NCNC.  Even though they are no longer serving on the Board, their input is always welcome and I know we will see them at every event.             
The sport of pure-bred dogs is under fire and, as everyone realizes, participation in all aspects of our sport is declining.  My goal over the next year will be to ask every member to do what he or she can do to not only introduce novice owners to the fun aspects of membership in the NCNC but also to contact members who have not been active participants of late and encourage them join us for an event or come to a meeting.  I firmly believe that our love of our Newfoundland partners is something upon which we can all agree, regardless of personal differences.  It is that love that I hope will bring us together, again, as a Club and I sincerely ask that any member contact me directly if there is any issue which is standing in the way of his or her participation in the NCNC.                                    
As the first step to the goal of introducing novices and bringing back absent members, I would like to ask each member to invite one person to attend the Annual Picnic which will be held on Saturday, June 16, 2018 at Marina Park in San Leandro.  This is such a fun event, chaired again this year by Patrick Benshoof and Lisa Lee.  They put on such a fun, and tasty, affair it is well worth inviting new and “old” Newf fanciers to attend.  For so many reasons this event is vitally important to our Club: Not only do we come together for a fun day but we honor our rescue Newfs who were placed in their forever homes and it is one of the big fund raisers for Newfoundland Health & Rescue.  Please be sure to come and bring a friend. 
We have several Working Dog events coming up including the Spring Draft Test on April 7-8, 2018.  If you actively participate in working events, this event provides another great opportunity to introduce a new owner to this important aspect of our breed and to take advantage of the vast knowledge of “seasoned” owners.  If you have questions about Working Dog events, please contact our Working Dog Chair, Laura Gallagher or contact the Test Secretary, Lynne Baker. Their contact information can be found in the Newfspaper.   
Finally, as many of you know, conformation is my passion and while the Club does not have a “conformation chair” we do have a large group of members actively involved in conformation events.  Kathy Bracisco and Pam Rubio are the chairs for our 2018 Regional Specialty to be held Friday October 26, 2018 (which will go on this year, Kathy, I promise).  For many years, our Regional was one of the largest, if not THE largest Regional in the United States but over the last several years our numbers have declined.  I think it would be great to see entries increase and show that we are the most active Club in the NCA.  Please do what you can to help Kathy and Pam make that happen.
Looking forward to a great year.
Pam J, NCNC President.


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