John Pearson, NCNC President

President's Message | April, 2018

What a fantastic Awards Banquet we had! If you were not able to attend, you missed a great time. June Gibson and Dawn Druge put on a wonderful event, scoring the private room at Pietro’s. The food was not only filling but great, authentic, Italian. NewfBingo was a hit, again, and the raffle of the 2 stained glasses a big plus - just can't believe our Leonberger members, Wes and Dee Brilz managed to win the prized stained glass. Maybe if you are REALLY nice to them next time you see them, you might be able to make a tempting offer for the stained glass. Although I was not able to attend the Carting Seminar due to a bout of food poisoning, reports are that it was a big success. I heard we had some new faces in attendance which is absolutely fantastic. Thanks to Dawn Druge and Cathy Sayre for planning and hosting the seminar.

March 21 to 25 saw 5 days of conformation shows as the Solano Fair Grounds. Word has it that our past President's baby puppy did quite well in the BPUP groups – an auspicious way to start a show career. It was great seeing so many of our members on Saturday.

Speaking of which, we are still hoping someone with a little time on his or her hands will be able to be our "official" conformation show reporter. It is a big job and doesn’t pay much (okay, it doesn’t pay anything) but it would be wonderful to see the conformation results reported on a regular basis.

Last weekend (March 24), members Patti and Buzz Sondgrath (with Breezy & Captain), Connie Andronico (with Aegean) and Gaby Cohen (with Koda) represented the Newfoundland Breed at the annual egg hunt at the California School for the Blind. Captain and Patti offered cart rides to the children and Breezy, Aegean and Koda were on hand for cuddles, petting and slobbery kisses. Thanks to Connie for providing the article and pictures later in the NewfsPaper. Coming up April 7 and 8 is NCNC's Draft Test chaired by Lynne Baker. Although entries are closed, that doesn't mean you can't attend and enjoy the working aspect of our sport. If you haven't seen a Newf in the maneuvering course or performing basic obedience, you dont know what a Newf can really do. Lunch will be available for a small charge but you need to contact Laura Gallagher or June Gibson in advance to make sure there is enough food to go around. This, of course, is one of those great opportunities to introduce new owners to the breed and see what we do with our "spare"; time. Hope to see you there.

'til next time. Pam J


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