John Pearson, NCNC President

President's Message | May, 2016

NCNC members and their dogs have been busy. First, George (Jackson & Latchaw) earned multiple Best of Breed wins. Rocco (Maria Fernandez) finished his conformation championship. That also finished requirements for Register of Merit (ROM) titles for his mother Rose (Littleford & Pearson) and grandmother Mae (Julia Baker). See also the draft tests, below, and show results elsewhere in the Newfs Paper. Congratulations to all!
NCNC hosted two Draft Tests (one DD/TDD and one DDX/TDDX) on April 2-3, 2016, at Lagoon Valley. On the first day, there were two entrants (two others entered but withdrew), and both qualified. (100% success!) Congratulations to Khali (Gina Bonnell) on a new DD title, and to Ready (John Pearson) on his third requalification (DD3). On Sunday, six entrants attempted the new and difficult Advanced Draft Test. When the dust had cleared, Ramble (Cherrie Brown) had earned the coveted DDX title. Congratulations to all! Thanks are also due to Test Chair Laura Gallagher and her Test Committee, to Chief Stewards Lynne Baker & Dawn Druge and their intrepid crews, and to the friendly and knowledgeable judges, Rick Humphreys and Denise Castonguay. Thank you all!
Two weeks after the NCNC Draft Tests, Lori and I journeyed to judge separate draft tests. Lori flew to Colorado for two planned days testing DD/TDD and DDX/TDDX for HCNC. Unfortunately, the test site got over a foot of snow that weekend! The Saturday tests took place (one DD re-qualifier) due to great efforts by the test committee and judges, but the Sunday tests were canceled. Meanwhile, in sunny Los Angeles, I judged with Judi Adler DD/TDD and DDX/TDDX tests both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, Crew (Kathy Mitchell) earned a new DD title, and Harley (David Valenzuela) requalified for the second time (DD2). On Sunday, Light (Erin Zimmer) earned her coveted DDX title at the age of nearly ten. Congratulations!
We are once again planning a club picnic at the San Leandro Marina Park. This has been a very popular club meeting & event the last two years. Being right next to the bay, the weather has been very mild. In addition to the delicious food, including bar-b-que meats and potluck side dishes, we will again have various activities for you and your Newfs to enjoy. Thank you Patrick Benshoof and Lisa Lee for volunteering to co-Chair this event. I understand they are “cooking up” lots of fun activities! Please mark your calendar for Saturday, June 18, 2016, and keep that date open! An RSVP form is available on the NCNC website (go to Upcoming Events), and more information will follow in the News Paper.

As the draft season winds down, our Newfs turn their thoughts to swimming! Groups will likely begin water training soon. Contact Carol Chew or Cathy Sayre for information about Folsom Lake, and contact John Pearson for information about Lake Del Valle. Also, the NCNC Working Dog Committee has planned a Water Work Seminar at Folsom Lake on Saturday, June 4, and Water Tests for July 23 & 24. Contacts for these activities are Cathy Sayre & Carol Chew. The seminar and tests at Folsom last year were all very successful & a lot of fun. The seminar RSVP forms are now available on the NCNC website, and more information will become available on the water tests.

As you read this, Newfs and their people from all over the country (and the world) will be gathering in Warwick, Rhode Island, for the 2016 NCA National Specialty. Good luck to all!

Recall that NCNC and the Newfoundland Club of Seattle are jointly hosting the 2017 NCA National Specialty at the Salishan Spa and Golf Resort in Gleneden Beach on the Oregon coast. It is a very attractive venue in a beautiful location, and it is driving distance for our members. Kevin Gallagher (NCNC) and Chris Lyden (Seattle) are the co-Chairs for the show. Kevin updated us on the status of the show at the January club meeting. (See the meeting minutes in the Newfs Paper.) After this year’s Specialty in Rhode Island finishes in early May, the 2017 show committee will be free to open a website and advertise the 2017 show. So, much more information will soon be available. If you are interested in helping with the show, please contact Kevin.

We have lots of activities planned for you and your dogs. As always, check the calendar section of the Newfs Paper or the NCNC website for more details. I hope to see you there!

Have fun with your Newfs!

~ John Pearson, NCNC President

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