Pam Jackson
NCNC President

President's Message | September, 2018

Hello NCNC!
A big thank you to those members who took time out of their busy summer schedules to attend our general membership meeting at Hazel Jacoby’s house on August 11.  Besides the chance to commune with fellow Newf lovers, we had several important topics to discuss.
The input of the members was solicited by the Board concerning a policy for dogs disqualified by the NCA for aggression.  Based on the discussion of the members, the Board adopted a permanent policy regarding disqualified dogs.  The discussion and policy are reported in the minutes later in the NewfsPaper.
The members also discussed the 2019 Regional Specialty (yes, we have to plan way ahead).  With a bit of prodding, Cathy Sayre stepped up to the plate to co-chair the Show with veteran chair Laura Gallagher.  Thanks to both ladies for taking on the job.  After the meeting, the new chairs met with interested members to select judges.  Due to the fact that the 2017 judges did not have the opportunity to see our beautiful Newfs, the decision was unanimous to invite them to judge in 2019.  Subject to their acceptances and NCA/AKC approval, we hope the judges will be breeders and NCA members Lynne Anderson-Powell for the breed and Steve McAdams for sweepstakes. Betty Ribble will be asked to judge obedience.
Speaking of the regional, Kathy Bracisco and Pam Rubio reported that all is on schedule and barring another catastrophic event, our show will be held October 26, 2018 at the Dixon May Fair.  The Hawaiian theme will bring a new twist to the event so be prepared with your grass skirts and ukuleles.  If you have some time and are interested in volunteering, contact our chairs – help is always appreciated. Please reserve the day and the weekend to join in the fun.
But there is more to Newfs than a pretty face; some dogs have to work for a living!  And to exhibit one aspect of that work, the NCNC will be holding its fall water test on September 8 and 9 at Folsom Lake.  Lori Littleford is the chair and will be backed by an able crew of helpers.  More information and directions can be found later in the NewfsPaper.  If you want to see some very talented Newfs, makes plans to drop by.
As a final note, I would like to express my admiration and appreciation for our members who continue to seek to increase the health and longevity of our Newfoundlands through their breeding programs.  Years ago, member Pam Rubio sought to recognize the fruits of the efforts of those breeders by instituting a Living Legends award program which recognizes those dogs attaining the age of 10.  At that time, the lifespan of a Newf was much shorter and living to 10 was quite an achievement but, due to the efforts of dedicated breeders, we have seen a steady increase in the lifespan of our dogs.  Pam has been the recipient of this award in the past but this time, she has outdone herself.  On August 8, 8 “puppies” from the first litter produced by Bonnie turned 10!  The fact that 8 dogs from a single litter have lived to the age of 10 is a testament to Pam’s love of and dedication to the Breed.  Thank you, Pam, and congratulations.
Well, that’s it until next time. 
Pam J


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