John Pearson, NCNC President

President's Message | July, 2017

The last month has been busy for local dogs. (See elsewhere in the Newfs Paper for show results.) Page (Cherrie Brown) finished his Companion Dog (CD) title in obedience with a 1st place which also finished his Versatile Newfoundland (VN) title; Charlie (Patty O’Brien & Edward O’Donoghue) finished his Conformation Championship; Grace (Debbie & Todd Bridge) earned multiple Best of Breeds and a group placement; Grace also earned multiple Owner Handled Best of Breeds (OHBOB), multiple OH Group placements, and an Owner Handled Best in Show; George (Jill Latchaw) took multiple Best of Breeds and a Group placement; Georgia (Patty O’Brien & Edward O’Donoghue) took multiple Best of Breeds and multiple Group placements; Mackenzie (Patrick Benshoof & Lisa Lee) took an Owner Handled BOB. Congratulations to all!

The water work seminar at Lake Berryessa was very successful. We had a large turn-out of dogs in all levels. Our instructor, Cheryl Dondino, did a wonderful job working with the dogs and handlers, providing very useful suggestions, and keeping the event running on time. The seminar committee also did a great job providing the site, plenty of helpers, and great food. Thank you Cheryl Dondino, chairs Jen Larsen and Dawn Druge, BBQ cook Kevin Gallagher, and everyone else who participated!

The early Summer Water Test, which was scheduled at Folsom Lake for July 22-23, has been canceled. There were still too many uncertainties concerning the high lake level (e.g. no beach) and the large amounts of debris. Hopefully these issues will be resolved so that water training can resume and the September Water Test (September 9-10) can take place. Check the website or the Newfs Paper for updates. Concerning the September Water Test, please contact Lori Littleford (Chair) if you want to help, or contact John Pearson (Chief Steward) if you are interested in stewarding.

So far, water training has been very limited due to the debris in Folsom Lake and worries about blue green algae at Lake Del Valle. However, some folks have been training at Lake Berryessa. For updated information on Folsom & Berryessa, contact Cathy Sayer. For updated information on Lake Del Valle, contact John Pearson.

As I write this article, I am looking forward to the Annual NCNC Picnic and Meeting on Saturday, June 24, 2017, at the San Leandro Marina Park. We have used this park very successfully several times now. Being right on the bay, the weather has been great! We will be at the larger Sea Gull area this year, so there will be lots of room for delicious BBQ food & drink, socializing, and various Newfy games and activities including a Rescue Parade and Rally course.  I hope to see you there.

On September 29, we will have an NCNC meetingat Hazel Jacobi’s home in Castro Valley. Of particular note, we will have a session after the General Meeting to select judges and make other important decisions concerning the 2018 Regional Specialty. If you want to help make these decisions, please plan to attend.

We have lots of activities planned for you and your dogs. As always, check the calendar section of the Newfs Paper or the NCNC website for more details. I hope to see you there!

Have fun with your Newfs!

~ John Pearson, NCNC President


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