NCNC's boundaries are from the California / Oregon border, south to the Fresno area and, to the east, the immediate area around Reno, NV. Our parent organization is the Newfoundland Club of America, sanctioned by the AKC as the breed club for the Newfoundland in the USA. Every year, we offer several working events and seminars, a specialty show, and other events and programs, both fun and educational, for the benefit of our members and anyone interested in the Newfoundland breed.

Membership in the NCNC offers the opportunity benefit from the expertise of the most experienced Newfoundland fanciers in the region. Even before you acquire your first Newf, joining the NCNC is a great way to meet and talk with breeders and owners, and learn about the care and training of our special breed. Members receive a monthly newsletter, the NewfsPaper, and privileges like participation in water practices and our annual picnic, and more!

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NCNC Membership Applications
The Newfoundland Club of Northern California provides 4 types of memberships:

Associate Membership
[wp-svg-icons icon="bookmark" wrap="i"]Single Associate $40.00* /year
[wp-svg-icons icon="bookmark" wrap="i"]Family Associate $45.00* /year
[wp-svg-icons icon="bookmark" wrap="i"]Single constitutes one person.
[wp-svg-icons icon="bookmark" wrap="i"]Family constitutes more than one person.
[wp-svg-icons icon="bookmark" wrap="i"]Associate members may attend, but not vote in NCNC elections.
[wp-svg-icons icon="bookmark" wrap="i"]Includes one time $5.00 initiation fee.


General Membership
[wp-svg-icons icon="bookmark" wrap="i"] MINIMUM 1 YEAR OF ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED
Changing from Associate to General membership requires an application and election by the General Membership.

[wp-svg-icons icon="bookmark" wrap="i"]Single General $35.00* /year
[wp-svg-icons icon="bookmark" wrap="i"]Family General $40.00* /year
[wp-svg-icons icon="bookmark" wrap="i"]General members may vote in NCNC elections.


Junior Membership
[wp-svg-icons icon="bookmark" wrap="i"]Single Junior $15.00*
[wp-svg-icons icon="bookmark" wrap="i"]Junior members are under the age of 18, not part of a family membership, and may not vote in any NCNC elections.

Lifetime Membership
[wp-svg-icons icon="bookmark" wrap="i"]Single/Family Lifetime $N/C
[wp-svg-icons icon="bookmark" wrap="i"]Lifetime members are voted in by the General Membership.

* An additional fee will be assessed and charged to include the cost of postage for membership outside the United States and Canada.

* Membership fees are due by December 31st of each year.


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