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The Newfoundland Club of Northern California (NCNC) does not supervise or guarantee the ethical practices of these breeders, however, the breeders listed have met the standard requirements and agreed to the terms below.

  • Must agree to abide by and have read the Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) Code of Ethics and to cooperate in the investigation of any written complaints lodged against said breeder.
  • Must be a General Member of the Northern California Newfoundland Club (NCNC) for five years or a member of the NCNC and NCA for 5 consecutive years.
  • Must attest to always using a written contract in all Newfoundland transactions. Must supply a copy of the base contract the breeder uses to the NCNC. Must attest to always using non breeding, spay neuter contracts and/or limited registration for puppies placed or sold, when appropriate.
  • The NCNC expects breeders of Newfoundlands to make a life long commitment to all Newfoundlands the produce and to cooperate in the rescue of all Newfoundlands they produce.
  • Must have owned a titled (AKC, NCA, CKC) Newfoundland.
  • Must have bred one litter in the past 5 years.
  • Will provide tangible proof of any health clearances of dogs bred (they are certificates of health, hip, heart, cystinuria, etc., on site for inspection by prospective puppy buyers). The NCNC strongly believes in health testing and educating the public about the health test. The original certificates must be available for the bitch and copies of the certificates, if available for the sire.

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