NCNCShowing and Confirmation

In AKC Conformation the judge compares each dog to the breed standard, the written description of perfection for the breed. The dog and bitch that ?conform? best to the Standard are awarded Championship Points, the number of which are based upon the number of other dogs entered of the same sex. These shows allow breeders to compare their breeding programs with others and have their progeny evaluated by a non-biased judge.

The NCNC holds a Specialty Show every year, usually in late October, attracting over a hundred of the finest Newfoundlands in conformation from the West Coast and beyond. See the events list on the home page or details.

Junior Showmanship

AKC Junior Showmanship is for children 9 to 18 years old to learn about conformation showing, handling, grooming and caring for dogs. Unlike regular conformation competition, the Junior Handler, rather than his or her dog, is judged on ability to present the dog in the ring. Junior Showmanship is included in the NCNC Regional Specialty, as well as at many all-breed shows in the area throughout the year.


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