Hello participants and helpers!

Thank you for registering (or signing up to help!) for the NCNC water seminar. We couldn’t do this without our dependable and capable volunteers, so thank you for that!! And of course big thanks to our instructor Cheryl Dondino – we are all looking forward to her valuable input.

This event is coming up this Saturday 6/3 at Lake Berryessa, Oak Shores Day Use Area, Coyote Knolls beach – hopefully you all are all aware by now that the location changed from Folsom Lake due to unsuitable conditions.

The schedule and directions are below:


Level 3 (WRD: 5 dogs) dogs go first this year: 8:30 to ~11 am

Next up, Level 1 (junior WD: 10 dogs) dogs; starting by 11am with verbal intro from instructor followed by 2 stations in the water helping with exercises.

Lunch break for 1/2 hour at ~12:30pm

Last up, Level 2 (WD: 8 dogs) dogs take the remaining time; starting at ~1:30/2 up to 5:00.

Level 3 group starting 8:30am:

Page, Ready, Rose, Gus, Brooke

Level 1 group starting by 11am:

Maui, Cubby, Koda, Robin, Nui, Busy, Mina, Mackey, Hagrid, Clover

Level 2 group starting ~1:30/2pm

Tess, Maverick, Phoebe, Mackenzie, Taylor, Piper, Cali, Aegean

From points east:

I-80 to Davis and exit at Mace Blvd.  Turn right at the light and go west onto Covell Blvd.  Follow Covell through and out of Davis. When it crosses Rd. 98 it becomes Rd. 32, and then when it crosses I-505 at Winters it becomes Hwy 128. Follow 128 through the town of Winters and up into the hills and past the Monticello dam. From the intersection of 505 and 128, its 10.5 miles to the dam, and 20.6 miles to the right turn you need to make to stay on 128 (not 121). Then its 25.4 miles to Turtle Rock Cafe (right turn onto Berryessa Knoxville Road to west shore recreation areas including Spanish Flat), and 32.6 miles to the entrance of Oak Shores Day Use Area.

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From the south:

Follow  I-880 N  and  I-680 N  to I-80 East. Just after you get onto I-80, Take the  Suisun Valley Rd/Pittman Rd  exit from  I-80 E, Turn Left onto Pittman Rd/ Suisun Valley Rd go 7.3 mi, Continue onto Wooden Valley Rd go 6.6 mi

Turn Right on CA-121 go 5.5 mi

Turn Left on CA-128 W go 4.8 mi

Turn Right onto Berryessa Knoxville Rd (at Turtle Rock Cafe) to west shore recreation areas including Spanish Flat, go 7.3 mi to the entrance of Oak Shores Day Use Area.

Once you are in Oak Shores Day Use Area go left to the North End. Coyote Knolls is the very last area you come to before you drive back out onto the main road and out of Oak Shores. From the Coyote Knolls parking areas you can see the paved path in the attached photo. As you can see, when you start down that path there is water on your left and a hill on the right- I think with a bathroom at the top. If you keep going down the path it goes down a peninsula and actually goes right into the water.

NOTE: There is no shade at this site. The beach is a short walk from the parking lot, but wheels/wagons are recommended. Bring water for your dog. Please bring your own shade, crates for your dogs, and long lines (the park requires all dogs to be on leash even when working in the water). **Also bring high-value dog treats, and lots of them! If your dog is not interested in your treats, it will limit your progress.** 

1.              Any dog who is aggressive will be requested to leave.

2.              All participants including instructors and other helpers will be asked to sign the club’s hold harmless agreement. If you’ve registered, you’ve already signed this. Copies will be available at the site.

3.              Handlers will be asked to either have their dogs on leash or in a crate except when they are actually working with the dog. Park may require all dogs to be on long lines even when working.

Please contact me with any questions or problems. My cell is 530-400-6554, email


Jennifer Larsen

Keep Drooling!
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