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The Newfoundland Club of America Water Test involves a series of exercises designed to show the instinctive and learned skills that have been a recorded part of the breed history for centuries. It is a blend of obedience and the integration of taking commands from the handler while using his own intelligence and skills. The NCA awards 3 levels of title for water work: WD (Water Dog), Water Rescue Dog (WRD), and WRDX (Water Rescue Dog Excellent).

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NCNC usually holds 2 NCA Water Tests per year, in July and/or September. Refer to the Upcoming Events page or the Club Calendar for details.

NCNC Water Seminars
Beginning water work Introduces your dog to the water and elementary water test training. Other subjects might be added depending upon the information received with applications. The more we know about what you want to learn the better we can meet your needs. You must pre-register. See the Upcoming Events page or the Club Calendar for upcoming seminars.

NCNC Water Practice Sessions
Regular water practice sessions are held during the spring and summer training season at the following sites. These sessions are not instructor-led classes and are provided only for club members to practice with their dogs.


In a Newfoundland Club of America Draft Test, the dog works in a team with his handler: the dog must back up, negotiate and maneuver a course, wait in position when commanded, and negotiate a one-mile freight haul with only verbal commands and signals to guide him. The NCA Awards 2 levels of title for draft work: DD (Draft Dog) and TDD (Team Draft Dog) for 2 dogs working together.

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NCNC usually hosts 2 NCA Draft Tests per year, in the late Fall and in the Spring. Refer to the Upcoming Events page or view the Club Calendar for details.

NCNC Draft Seminars
Participating in a seminar is an excellent way to get your dog started with a cart/wagon or to prepare for a draft test. The beginner class covers, carts, harnesses and how to get your dog involved. The intermediate class is for graduates from the beginning class. It covers sharp turns, negotiating narrows, and teaching your dog to backup. Draft Test Preparation helps people train for the NCA Draft Test, but can also be helpful for people training for other breeds’ draft tests. You must pre-register. See the Upcoming Events Page or the Club Calendar for upcoming seminars.

Other Events for Working Dogs

NCNC members and their Newfs can be found actively participating in a wide variety of other events including:

NCNC hosts an AKC Tracking test every other year in the early Spring, as well as occasional Tracking seminars.
AKC Tracking Information

AKC Obedience/Rally
In addition to the all-Newf trial held at our Specialty Show every October, Newfs can be seen competing for titles in all levels of Obedience, including the newly popular Rally Obedience, throughout the year.
AKC Obedience Information | AKC Rally Information

AKC Agility
While Newfs may not be a “typical” agility breed, more and more Newf owners and their healthy, active dogs are finding a place in this popular sport.
AKC Agility Information

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