Pam Jackson
NCNC President

President's NoteJanuary 2021

Hello NCNC!

2020! To misquote President Roosevelt, “A year that will live in infamy.”

I, like most of you, will be so glad to see 2020 go into the history books and await the new dawning of 2021. Little did we know when we met last year for our Christmas party that our worlds would be turned upside down and inside out in a few short months; no one ever would have thought it. But here we are.

And while 2020 was not the best year (maybe even the worst for many), NCNC was able to have a bit of fun. Despite having to cancel the majority of our events, we were able to have one draft test and, in doing so, award our first Beginner Draft Dog. We also saw a team title awarded along with several new titles and re-qualifiers. That is worth a lot.

Going forward, the Board has determined that we won’t let this old pandemic get us down. We will have our first “virtual” general meeting in January, if only to see the faces of our friends we have missed over this last nine months. The meeting may be short but you will have the chance to find out first hand what has been happening in NCNC and to make nominations from the floor for the Board of Directors. We will also continue to plan events as if the pandemic were over. If we have to cancel, we will, but the Board has determined to stay optimistic!

Speaking of the Board of Directors, the nominating committee under the leadership of June Gibson (with members Buzz Sondgroth and Kevin Gallagher) met to undertake the task of nominating a slate of officers for next year. All but one of the current Board Members agreed to stay on for another year and, after discussing the open seat with several members, a volunteer was found to run for the seat. The committee report is later in the NewfsPaper.

I know being on the Board of Directors is not a glamorous job and, heavens to betsy, it doesn’t pay much ($0) but it is a necessary function of a California corporation and we simply cannot have a club without a board. I urge everyone to take a turn and become member for at least one term. The jobs are not that hard but can be very rewarding. If you are interested, feel free to nominate yourself or someone you love (?). I am sure most of the Board Members who have served for many years would not be averse to having someone take her/his place.

By the time you read this, the holidays will be over and we will be embarking on that new year for which we were all waiting. I wish everyone the very best in 2021 and hope to see you soon. And don’t forget to consider getting a vaccination.

Looking forward to a great year.

Pam J

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