Pam Jackson
NCNC President

President's MessageJune 2020

Hello NCNC!

I hope this finds everyone safe and healthy.

The pandemic continues to affect all avenues of our society and activities with our Newfs are not immune. Not only did the NCA cancel the 2020 National Specialty but this weekend would have been our Annual Picnic and Rescue Parade which had to be cancelled for the protection of our members.

Your Board of Directors had to make other difficult decisions following these cancellations. At the Board of Directors meeting via teleconference on May 30, 2020, the decision was made to cancel the July water test due not only to the continuing issues regarding the pandemic but also the presence of algae issues at both Lake Berryessa and Lake Del Valle. While the July test has been cancelled, we have left the September test on the schedule in the hope that conditions will change sufficiently to allow us to hold the event. The final decision regarding the September test will be made mid-summer.

In addition, the Board of Directors voted to cancel the October Regional Specialty. Co-chair Cathy Sayre reported that the County of Solano has not approved the use of the May Fair grounds by the Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers for their show and, even if the grounds would become available, there is a possibility the event would not be allowed due to the number of participants. Due to this uncertainty, the tough decision was made in keeping with the decisions being made by dog clubs around the country including the cancellation of both the Del Valle Shows in Pleasanton immediately before our show and the Napa Shows immediately after.

The good news is that we will hold the August general membership meeting at the home of Kevin and Laura Gallagher in Vacaville. They have a large back yard which will allow us to maintain social distancing while giving us the chance to see each other and catch up. To avoid unnecessary contact as required by local ordinances, lunches will be provided (vs. the usual potluck). You will need to bring your own chair and face mask if you choose to wear one.

The minutes of both the Special Board meeting and the regular meeting are later in the Newfspaper providing the full details of our discussions and decisions.

Finally, it is with a heavy heart that I report the death of a great friend and Newf fancier, Ken Price. I know our hearts go out to Diane in her time of grief. Please remember both Ken and Diane in your thoughts and prayers. We will miss you Ken.

Looking forward to seeing all of you very soon.

Pam J

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