Pam Jackson
NCNC President

President's NoteSeptember 2021

Hello NCNC

As we return to some sense of normalcy, it is wonderful that we are now able to start holding events. The first water test of the year took place at Folsom Lake on August 7-8. I have received reports that it was a success and the water level was acceptable. We are coming up on our second water test in September. The dates have been moved to the 12th and 13th. More information can be found in this month's NewfsPaper.

I have noticed that we are getting some traffic through our new Facebook page. If you have not visited the page, please take a look at it. The name is “NCNC – The Newfoundland Club of Northern California" and you can find it here. If you are still referring to the “NCNC NewfsPaper” page, please switch over and join the new page. Thanks so much to Ted Hanson for setting this up.

The plans for the Regional Specialty are going ahead full steam. Under the leadership of Cathy Sayre and Ted Hanson, the kinks are being worked out in conjunction with the Sac Valley Club. Certain parts of the specialty are still up in the air such as having a banquet. Stand by for full details.

On August 14, our quarterly Board and Members’ meetings were held by Zoom. After some reluctance to use Zoom for meetings, it seems it has been embraced by the members. The great part about using Zoom is that it allows members who might not otherwise be able to travel a long distance to attend meetings and contribute to the Club. Our next meeting will be on November 20 and it, again, will be a Zoom only meeting. Please attend if you have time. It is not like getting together but at least we get to see each other’s faces.

The Nominating Committee was appointed at the August meeting. While it has been a privilege leading the Club for the past 4 terms, I have advised the committee that I intend to retire from the office at the end of this term. It is essential that a club be led by a Board of Directors and without a Board, the Club cannot exist. I know there is a reluctance to volunteer for office but the benefits to being an active Board member are worth it. However, if no one comes forward to volunteer, I also advised the committee that I would be willing to serve one more term. I believe it is always good for an organization to have a change in leadership on a regular basis to ensure that fresh ideas are brought forward. I truly hope one of our general members will want to serve for the good of the Club.

Hope to see you at the upcoming events.

Pam J

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