Pam Jackson
NCNC President

President's MessageJanuary 2019

Hello NCNC!

If you were not able to attend the Annual Meeting and Awards’ Banquet, we missed you. It was yet another wonderful event led by June Gibson and Dawn Druge. We thank both of you, again. Unfortunately, it seems that June and Dawn are retiring from their tenure as chairs of the event so we are searching from a member or members who would be willing to fill the big shoes of June and Dawn and step up to chair the 2021 Banquet. If you are interested, please contact any Board member to express your longing desire to serve the NCNC. I am certain the Board will be happy to appoint you.

As President, I have the honor of chairing the Annual Meeting and Awards presentation, however, I have not had the opportunity to do that thus far: Last year, I was down with the flu so Vice-President Patti Sondgroth stepped up. This year, I suffered from laryngitis (I know, a bad lawyer joke) so Vice-President Laura Gallagher chaired the event. And what an event it was. NEWF BINGO was a hit, as always. Pam Rubio managed to contain most of her tears in presenting the Living Legends awards and quite a few members received new titles on their dogs. The event ended on a big bang with Lynne Baker being awarded the Louse Parsons’ Award. As I am sure you will agree, Lynne personifies the attributes of Louise by not only giving freely of her time and energy to the Newfoundland breed but also by giving her sage counsel to the members without being partisan. Congratulations to you, Lynne.

The results of the election for the 2020 Board were announced at the Annual Meeting. I am honored to be re-elected as President of this great Club. Laura Gallagher will continue in her current role as Vice-President as will Patti Sondgroth (Recording Secretary), Lynne Baker (Corresponding Secretary), Patrick Benshoof (Treasurer), and Kathy Brasisco and Cathy Sayre (Board Members). We are sorry to say goodbye to Pam Rubio who has served the NCNC and the Board so well and we welcome Ted Hanson as our new Board Member. I look forward to working with the new Board in 2020.

We have a full schedule of events coming up in 2020 including our water and draft tests and the Regional Specialty. If you have the time to volunteer for any one of these events, please contact the respective chair. Our Annual Picnic will be held on May 30, 2020 at Marina Park in San Leandro. I hope everyone will attend since we have such a good time. If you are interested in volunteering to help our intrepid chairs, Lisa Lee and Patrick Benshoff, please contact them; I am sure they would appreciate you help.

Finally, I want to welcome our newest general member Matthew Francis of San Francisco. While he was unable to attend the Banquet, his application for general membership was approved by the members. I hope Matthew and all of our members, general and associate, will participate in our Club events this year.

Looking forward to a great year and seeing you soon,
Pam J

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